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Psychopaths 101

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For my senior project product, I have created this website that will explain a bit about psychopathy. This site will breakdown the basics of psychopathy into layman's terms. I'll just be covering the basics but if you are interested in more in-depth information go to


Psychopaths are usually referred to as serial killers in everyday society. Medically speaking, psychopaths are more along the lines of mentally ill people who have no ability to realize their conscience thus enabling them to inflict pandemonium upon humanity. Serial killers are defined as someone who kills three or more people in a long period of time. Between kills, they resume their normal life. Just to clarify, "serial killer" is a main category and "psychopath" falls into the subcategory of serial killer. As you can probably already guess, this isn't going to be the "textbook psychopathy" but more like the gory details and the questionable motives that drive psychopaths to do their evil deeds.


Psychopaths 101
Summary of Topics:

"Personality: You must be a real psycho!" : This page discusses the different personality traits or characteristics that are most common in the most common psychopaths. The traits listed are not the only traits possible for a psychopath to posess and are limited to the most simple.
"Psychopaths" : This page discusses the possibility of psychopaths being completely sane (without any mental illness) who manipulate others into believing that they actually are mentally deranged. This is just speculation and no sound theory has been developed.
"Famous Psychopaths" : This page lists many well known psychopaths/serial killers and describes their history. If possible, lists of victims will be made available. The method used by the killer and their final psyciatric evaluation will also be discussed.
"Distorted Perceptions" : This page discusses the role that psychopathy and horror have in our society and it's place in the media. How much violence is appropriate for movies? What do the MPAA ratings mean? Why do we enjoy seeing such atrocities as murder? A listing of movies will be included as well.
"Psychotic or Not?" : This page lists some people that may or may not be psychotic. It's really more like a game and it's up to you to decide who you think is psychotic or not. There are drop boxes with an answer in it, but that doesn't mean your answer is wrong. Enjoy!

Senior Project Product